Bronte Public School


Telephone02 9389 4527

School communication

Forms of communication at Bronte 

1. School Bytes - App

What is the School Bytes App

The School Bytes App provides flexibility for you to conveniently:

  • Make school payments online (including paying for multiple siblings at once)
  • Use a family credit to pay for an activity or school contributions
  • Download a receipt for payments made
  • View all historical payments in one place
  • Complete and submit digital permission notes
  • View the status of all permission notes
  • Request a refund if required
  • Enter student absences and leave 

This can be done where you want at any time: day or night.

Through the portal, you will easily be able to download a receipt once a payment has been made and have access to view all historical payments when needed. Online payments are processed in real-time and can be viewed by school staff immediately. 

Download the App

The app can be downloaded on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Direct links are provided below:

4. Teacher correspondence

Classroom Teachers send individual class emails on a fortnightly basis with upcoming events and news